Forever love, Cartire Love Series rings

cartier love ring1
This screw ring is the most classic of all products Cartire, one of the most widely known. In this ring, there is a special meaning: screw love implication is firm, loyal love, two people together continus forever. This means, the most suitable as a wedding ring to wear.
With the love of the ring has been a long time, but, until now still sought after by the vast number of consumers. This shows that the design concept of the screw ring has gone beyond the time limit, is understood by people of different times. From then on, the Love series became the classic works of Cartire in the name of love series.

cartier love ring
Brand: Cartier
Material: no inlaid mosaic in precious metals
Color: 18 carat gold
Style: Ring / ring
Use: gifts
Application object: Lovers